Creating an e-book could provide your business with a valuable promotional tool, which you can use to drive online traffic, secure new business and generate sales. To illustrate why you should adopt this strategy, Higher Ways Publishing asks: how can your business benefit from writing an e-book?

Generate new revenue

An e-book can serve as a direct source of new revenue. If your publication features high-value, quality content people and it serves as a useful resource, people will pay for it. It is essential that you learn how to write an e-book, so you can produce the high-quality content consumers expect when looking for value for money. Also devise an appropriate pricing strategy so you do not dissuade consumers from buying your company’s e-book altogether.

Make the most of content

Blogging can serve as a valuable content marketing tool, allowing you to disseminate your core brand ideals and promote your industry expertise to target consumers. You can make the most of blog content by repurposing it into an e-book, providing you with the ability to reap greater return on investment on this element of your content marketing strategy.

Position yourself as an authority

If you promote your business as an industry expert, you can position yourself as a trusted brand which consumers can rely upon to provide first-rate products and services. As the Huffington Post explains, by writing an e-book, you can take a key industry topic and tackle it in far more depth than you can in a 500 word blog post, illustrating that you really know your stuff when it comes to your sector.

Grow your email list

By learning how to write an e-mail marketing campaign you can conduct market research, allowing you to gather the consumer data necessary to form an effective marketing strategy. But you need a broad customer-base to e-mail market successfully and this is where e-books come in. By providing details within your digital publication of how readers can subscribe to your email list, you can widen your messaging base with consumers who you know are interested in your industry.

Start a brand buzz

PR is the holy grail of business marketing. If you produce a press release that gets picked up by local or national press, you can communicate your brand’s key principles to their considerable consumer bases. For this strategy to work, you need to produce PR which covers topics of interest to journalists. E-books which tackle pressing industry issues appeal to niche publication journalists, serving as a marketing opportunity you can use to create buzz around your brand.

Adopt the right approach

In other words if you write an e-book, you can engage with your core consumer base, position yourself as a trusted brand, strengthen your existing marketing strategy and ultimately generate new business. Make sure you develop a successful book marketing strategy, to ensure that when your business creates an e-book, you can utilise it to serve as a valuable promotional tool.

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