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According to Zephoria Digital Marketing, 1.09bn people log into Facebook every day. This makes it the perfect place to market your work, and ensure you reach a broad swathe of your target reader base. Higher Ways Publishing explains how to create an author page on Facebook.

Basic setup

To set up a Facebook author page you will need an email address so you can sign up to Facebook. On your new account, click on the ‘cog’ icon at the upper-right hand-side of the page and press the ‘artist, band or public figure’ option. This page will present you with a number of options including ‘author.’ Select this option, type in your pen name and you will have an author page!

Add a picture

You should then add images to your author page, to give your ‘brand’ a face and further engage with fans. You can submit a 160px by 160px profile picture on your page. These pictures will also appear in a 32px by 32px format on any comments you submit, so choose a really distinct picture so you will always stand out to your fans. You can also add a 851px by 315px background picture to your page, which will allow you to create a stronger brand identity on Facebook. You can then add any other images to albums within the page.

About you

Help your fans get to know you by filling out the ‘About Me’ section on your Facebook author profile. To do this you just need to click on the ‘update page info’ icon and fill in the sections. There are two crucial fields you should complete; ‘short description’ where you describe what your page is about and ‘bio’ where you can include a short personal history. There are other fields too such as ‘favourite books’ and ‘awards;’ fill out as many as possible to let fans know who you are as an author.

Advertise your page

It is crucial that you accrue as many ‘likes’ to your Facebook author page as possible to effectively promote your books. Advertise your page extensively to ensure you attract higher volumes. Do this for free by sending a notification to your email contacts about the creation of your Facebook author page. Also, promote your page across your other digital assets such as your Twitter account and author website to build up a really large fan-base for your writing.

Post regular content

To acquire new fans, provide your followers with regular content which will appear in their news feeds. It Is key that you supply fans with engaging content, so they will compelled to share it with their friends and draw more attention to your page. Content can include blog posts, links to articles, images, infographics, videos and more. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of internet consumer traffic by 2017 so by adding videos it could help you ensure your Facebook author page proves successful.

Commit to your page

The process of setting up a Facebook author page is relatively simple. However, in order for your page to serve as a valuable marketing tool for your books, you need to ensure that it attracts new fans regularly. It is important that you commit to your Facebook author page and post engaging content regularly so you can grow your fan base an author and market your books effectively.

Higher Ways Publishing

Higher Ways Publishing was established in 2003 by Hayim Oshky and Mike Walden, it helps authors and publishers transform brilliant ideas into commercial success. Headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel and California, they are a market leader in digital and hard-cover publishing for the health, fitness and relationship industries. Higher Ways Publishing have assisted many authors in expanding their online presence in the growing digital marketing world.

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