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If you write an e-book, it is vital that you choose the appropriate format. If you select the wrong format, your e-book may not appeal to your consumer base, decreasing your chances of generating sales. Higher Ways Publishing asks: what are the differences between e-book formats?


Created by Adobe, PDF is a portable document format which is known for its ease of use. It is possible to use Microsoft Word to create a PDF, making it a popular way to create e-books for new authors. However PDF’s have a fixed layout with set page breaks, meaning that they do not automatically adjust to device screens. PDF-based e-books do not always translate to difference devices and can be hard to read on smaller screens, but work well for titles with specific formatting such as graphic novels.


The most versatile of e-book formats, E-PUB is the most widely used format for digital publications. E-PUB books adjust to any size screen, so can be viewed via a wide range of devices, including Android Phone, Sony Reader, Nook, iPhone and iPad. We should note the recent figures from Nielsen, an insights firm, shows  that American consumers are increasingly using smartphones to view e-book content, so it can prove advantageous to select a mobile-friendly format.


AZB is a format which was specifically developed by Amazon for Kindle e-books. This format may be restricted to Kindle publications, but this does not necessarily mean AZW digital books cannot be viewed on other devices. As long as a reader has installed a Kindle app to their device, they can read books in AZW form. Like E-PUB works, AZW formatted books can be adjusted to any screen size and they include a number of extra features such as a dictionary and bookmarks.

Conduct research

In other words, there are a range of key differences between popular e-book formats. These range from the types of content these formats support, to the kinds of devices and apps they are compatible with. This is why it is essential that you conduct extensive market research before you release your next e-book. This will allow you to assess which devices and apps your target readers use to engage with e-book content, ensuring that you select a format which is easy for consumers.

It may be advisable to convert your e-book into multiple formats. This strategy may be more time consuming but it could pay serious dividends. It would allow you to ensure that your e-book can be viewed via multiple apps and devices, increasing your chances of reaching a wide reader-base. It is key to attract a big readership to improve e-book sales and succeed as an author.

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