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Digital Publishing Has Entered “Age of Wisdom”
Digital Publishing

Delivering a speech at the Second Digital Transformation Summit, the Chairwoman of a Turkish newspaper heralded digital publishing’s entry into an “age of wisdom.” The Higher Ways Publishing team assesses the weight behind her eloquent words.

Digital Transformation Summit

Turkish news outlet Hürriyet World reports that the Second Digital Transformation Summit was recently held in Istanbul, on March 15. Hosted by global telecommunications firm Vodafone, the event brought together leading businesses and representatives from Turkey’s digital sector. This included Sütaş’ Chairman Muharrem Yılmaz, Akbank General Manager Hakan Binbaşlıgil and Hürriyet World’s Chairwoman, Vuslat Doğan Sabanci.

The Summit’s opening speech was delivered by Vodafone Turkey CEO Gökhan Öğüt. Speaking to attendees, he said: “Imagine the year 2030, the world where everyone and every institution enjoys internet that is faster than one gigabit and imagine with this speed of internet, a doctor from Turkey conducts a simultaneous surgical operation in a hospital in Africa.” In other words, the emergence of digital technology has the potential to radically transform our world.

Age of wisdom

Speaking at the Summit’s Turkish Business World panel, Sabanci claimed that new technologies are already radically transforming digital publishing. She said that the company is currently in the process of utilising big data technology in what Sabanci referred to as an “age of wisdom” for digital publishing.

Explaining further, she said: “We closely observe the Hürriyet’s online readers. Where did they read the story until? At which point did they move away from the story? Did they reach the end of it or did they decide not to read it when they see the picture? Did they not like the video?”

The Chairwoman elaborated, suggesting that her newspaper engages in this process to understand and explain reader behaviours. Commenting further, Sabanci said: “In today’s advertisement world, we all have a message to be delivered to certain somewhere… At Hürriyet World, we aim to provide these services in the most efficient, easiest way. What we do is everyday process of big data.”

Transforming digital publishing

Forbes defines big data as “a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis… you can use the insights you gather at each step [of the big data collection process] along the way to start improving your customer engagement strategies… [adding] more value to both your offline and online interactions.”

With this explanation, it is clear why Hürriyet World’s Chairwoman argued that digital publishing has entered an “age of wisdom.” Through technological innovations such as big data, digital publishers can conduct the extensive market research required to target their content at their desired audience. By honing content creation strategies, digital publishers possess the ability to market products more effectively, increasing return on investment in the process.

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