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After you have compiled a first draft your e-book, you will need to edit your work. If you submit an error-free draft of your e-book to publishers, you will present yourself as a professional, increasing the likelihood that said publishers will greenlight your manuscript. Higher Ways Publishing explains how to edit your e-book.

Proof your work

First, proof your work. This will give you the chance to spot any grammar or spelling mistakes in your writing, so you do not appear unprofessional as an author.  When proof reading your own work, you may want to try reading it backwards. This isolates each sentence and disrupts the flow of your e-book’s narrative, so you can proof your work without reading what you expect to read.

Use multiple sessions

A book is a large body of work, so you may not have the time to complete editing in one session. We would suggest that you edit your work gradually, so you can go away and come back refreshed and ready to devote your energies to creating a standout e-book. You may want to get proof reading out of the way first so in your following sessions, you can focus on the bigger picture.

List your changes

Within each session, make a list of three changes you want to make to your e-book. This will help you edit your work gradually, without taking on too much at once. Writing advice portal The Write Life advises you to determine which changes you should make based on two concepts. First, only make changes that you are fairly sure about. Second, ask yourself; will the alteration make a significant difference to the quality of your work? These steps will ensure that you do not waste time fretting over insignificant issues.

Turn to Beta-readers

It is key that you collect audience feedback during the editing process. This will allow you to incorporate any necessary changes needed to ensure your e-book appeals to your target audience. You might want to enlist your Facebook author page followers as beta-readers. As fans of your work, they should be only too happy to lend you a helping hand, while getting the chance to earn a sneak peek of your upcoming work in the process! If you are unsure whether to make a change, your beta-readers can act as the deciding vote, freeing you up to focus on executing necessary edits.

Read your work

It is vital that you read your work back to yourself throughout your editing sessions. This will allow you to both assess whether you need to make edits and determine whether the edits you have made work within the overall narrative of your publication. You may want to print your e-book out as when you read sentences on a screen, sometimes the eye has a tendency glide over words and miss crucial details. This can also serve as an effective proofing trick, allowing you to spot any mistakes more easily.

Prepare your manuscript

The first draft of your e-book will probably contain errors and mistakes. Therefore, it is vital that you devote time and energy to proofing your work before it becomes published. Not only will this allow you to spot any spelling and grammar mistakes, it will give you the chance to address any errors in judgement you made when compiling the first draft, so you can release the best e-book possible.

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Higher Ways Publishing was established in 2003 by Hayim Oshky and Mike Walden, it helps authors and publishers transform brilliant ideas into commercial success. Headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel and California, they are a market leader in digital and hard-cover publishing for the health, fitness and relationship industries. Higher Ways Publishing have assisted many authors in expanding their online presence in the growing digital marketing world.

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