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It is key to create buzz when promoting your new book. If you hold a book launch party, you can promote your book both offline and via social media channels, building hype around your release. Higher Ways Publishing explains how to throw a book launch party.

Set out a budget

Before you do anything else, set out a budget. How much are you willing to invest in this one promotional event? Compile financial projects to examine how to fund your book launch while securing return on investment (ROI). Include costs such as your venue, catering, entertainment and press and research ways to reduce these expenses to ensure you throw a cost-effective event.

Select your venue

The success of your book launch depends on your venue, as you need to create the right atmosphere to promote your book to your target audience effectively. The Book Designer advises to throw the event in a venue which has a connection to your work. For instance, a Greek restaurant would work well for a travel book on Greece, this will help draw attention to your work’s core themes.

Compile the guest list

A book launch is nothing without its guests, so who do you plan to invite? We would advise you to include family and friends so you can share your success with your loved ones. You may also want to include representatives from your publishing house, publishing industry professionals and even local writers on your guest list, to position yourself as a true literary thought leader.

Create a schedule

Create a schedule to ensure your event goes smoothly. Include time for guests to mingle so you can create a pleasant atmosphere. You may want to keep your guests entertained so your party is a success, so think about hiring musical acts. As an e-book author, it is key that you hold a few recitations from your book during the event and make sure there are enough e-reader devices available for people to read excerpts.

Publicise your event

The purpose of a book launch party is to promote your book. You will not be able to capitalise on this opportunity if you do not promote the event itself. Draw up a press release detailing what attendees can expect at your book launch and disseminate it via online PR platforms and to local and even national press. Initiate an engaging social media campaign to further promote your book launch among your fans and generate excitement for your work.

Seize your opportunity

You book launch party is your chance to initiate a strong, effectively marketing campaign. Seize this opportunity to throw a standout event which you can use to promote your work on social media and create the online buzz you need to ensure your book is a massive success!

Higher Ways Publishing

Higher Ways Publishing was established in 2003 by Hayim Oshky and Mike Walden, it helps authors and publishers transform brilliant ideas into commercial success. Headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel and California, they are a market leader in digital and hard-cover publishing for the health, fitness and relationship industries. Higher Ways Publishing have assisted many authors in expanding their online presence in the growing digital marketing world.

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