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How to Write an Email Marketing Campaign - Higher Ways Publishing
Email Inbox

By launching an email marketing campaign, you can gather key information concerning your target reader and craft an effective social media book marketing campaign. To help you as an aspiring author access the tools you need to promote your work effectively, the Higher Ways Publishing team explain how to write an email marketing campaign.

Keep it simple

In this fast-paced world, it is essential you hook someone’s attention immediately. Statistics show that people spend less than 15 seconds on a website on average; keep it simple so they do not click away from your email. A good email marketing message has three components. This is a headline – where you hook a reader’s interest, a description – which contains the main point you are trying to make and a call-to-action – showing them how they can get in touch.

Tempt your target consumers

If you do not find a way to ensure someone keeps reading, your email marketing campaign will prove pointless. Here it is key to create a winning ‘subject line,’ as this is the first thing a potential reader sees. Ensure your subject line is enticing yet vague enough to incentivise your reader to open the message. It is also a good idea, according to Remarketey, to throw in some sizzle and use compelling language, so customers believe that they will get a great deal if they act on the subject of your email.

Proofread and test

You will only get one chance to impress consumers with your email, so be meticulous. First, make sure you test emails out with a sample of your target audience before sending them out en masse, so you can assess the effectiveness of subject lines and calls-to-action with your wider consumer base. Second, ensure you proofread email marketing content extensively, as grammatical errors and typos can ensure that your messages are relegated to the dreaded spam folder.

Prepare for contact

In order for your email marketing campaign to be effective, prepare yourself to act on consumer enquiries. Interested consumers will simply Google you to find the easiest places to get in touch. Ensure that you implement the contact forms, messaging systems etc. on all your online platforms, so you can act quickly and effectively on consumer enquiries concerning your book.

Make sure to follow up

Do not just send one email, because one is never enough. We would advise you to send multiple emails, adding something unique to each message to ensure it provides you with a new way to catch consumer interest while hammering the core message of your campaign home. Figures from Union Square Ventures, a venture capital firm, suggest that 80% of sales are executed at between the fifth and 12th time of contact, so following up can prove a winning strategy. But we do not mean that you should send lots of emails frequently and clog your recipients’ inbox, find a balance.

By emailing your target consumers, you can engage with them and promote yourself as an author they should check out. But people can be dismissive, so it is essential that when you craft an email marketing campaign, you strive to catch a reader’s attention right from the off. Attain the interest of a potential consumer and you could persuade them to check out your book.

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