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With a Kindle e-reader, you can peruse a vast supply of digital books at your convenience. But there are limitations on Kindle devices that you need to know to ensure you maximise your Kindle’s potential. Higher Ways Publishing explains how to navigate Kindle E-Book license limitations.

Game changing technology

The first Kindle device was launched in 2007 and it altered the global book landscape. These devices allowed consumers to access Amazon’s vast database of e-books at their own convenience, so they could fit reading into an increasingly hectic modern life.

As technology has evolved, Amazon has released ever-more advanced Kindle devices. For instance, recently Amazon launched the Kindle Oasis, which is the lightest and thinnest Kindle in history! Yet Kindles still come with certain limitations. Good Reads recently noted, for example, that when you buy a Kindle e-book, it is possible to exceed the number of devices you can read this digital publication on.

Major limitation

Good Reads writes that Amazon’s overarching philosophy is to allow you to read e-books on the Kindle Cloud Reader, apps, e-readers and Fire tablets. The average Kindle e-book from a major publisher can be loaded onto six devices. But the Good Read article points out that there are some Kindle e-books that can only by read on two or three devices.

If you exceed the device limit for the e-book in question, there are two courses of action you can pursue. You can contact Amazon and ask them to reset the e-book license but if this action fails, you will have no choice but to buy the work again. This only applies to e-books from major publishers though, there are no device limitations for books written by indie authors who utilise Kindle Direct Publishing.

Understanding your limits

Therefore, the Good Reads article argues, you need to know how many devices you can store your Kindle e-book on before you have to purchase it again. In order to find out, scroll down to the Kindle ‘details page’ on a particular product. This will feature a section called ‘simultaneous Device usage” which will provide you with the information you need.

If the Simultaneous Device Usage field does not feature on an e-book’s product details, presume that it conforms to the standard six device rule. By checking the Simultaneous Device Usage category, you can ensure that you do not waste your e-book’s device limit and use your Kindle e-reader more cost effectively.

Higher Ways Publishing

Higher Ways Publishing was established in 2003 by Hayim Oshky and Mike Walden, it helps authors and publishers transform brilliant ideas into commercial success. Headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel and California, they are a market leader in digital and hard-cover publishing for the health, fitness and relationship industries. Higher Ways Publishing have assisted many authors in expanding their online presence in the growing digital marketing world.


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