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According to new reports, US literary body The National Book Foundation has appointed two new members to its board of directors.

National Book Foundation

Founded in 1989 by National Book Awards Inc., the National Book Foundation is a US book industry non-profit body. The Nationals Book Foundation’s stated mission is “to celebrate the best of American literature, to expand its audience, and to enhance the cultural value of great writing in America.” It also presents the National Book Awards, a set of annual US literary honours.

The Foundation is managed by its board of directors. This board is comprised of representatives of the US book industry and various literary institutions. The board’s Chair Person is David Steinberger and the New York Times writes that he recently appointed Lisa Lucas, who has served as the publisher of arts magazine Guernica, as the third Executive Director in the Foundation’s history.

New board members

Since her arrival, Lucas has appointed Cheryl Cohen Effron and Jennifer Rudolph Walsh to the National Book Foundation’s board. Speaking about this appointment, Lucas was quoted by Publishers Weekly, an industry portal, saying: “It is an honour to welcome such visionary, accomplished individuals to our board of directors… We’re lucky to have their talent, expertise, and energy on our side.”

Effron and Walsh have impressive resumes. Effron has served on the board of numerous non-profits including those of The New School and The Brooking Institute and is a member of the New York City Planning Commission. Walsh has represented a variety of authors, including Nobel Prize–winning Alice Munro. She was also the founder of the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award and is the head of the Worldwide Literary Department at William Morris Endeavour.

Supporting the Foundation

Commenting on her appointment, Effron said in a statement: “As an avid reader, a strong believer in strengthening cultural non-profit institutions, and an admirer of the National Book Foundation, I look forward to joining this outstanding board and helping in any way I can.”

Walsh was no less excited about her appointment to the National Book Foundation’s Board of Directors than Effron. Speaking out about her new role in a statement, Walsh noted: “It means a great deal to join this board, and to support the National Book Foundation’s work which is so essential to readers and to showcasing the importance of American literature.”

Navigating difficult waters

Lisa Lucas became the National Book Foundation’s Executive Director at a difficult time. We are living in a time of rising scrutiny of artistic diversity and the National Book Foundation, along with the National Book Awards it hosts, has not escaped criticism. By appointing two experienced female board members, Lucas has illustrated that she is moving The National Book Foundation into the 21st Century.

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