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Industry group the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), have announced that they are exploring ways to join forces. Higher Ways Publishing reports.

Future of reading

W3C is the primary global standards organisation for the World Wide Web. It was founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who also created the World Wide Web. Recently, Berners-Lee delivered a speech at the Digicon conference in Chicago, where he gave vital insights into the future of digital publishing.

The World Wide Web creator spoke about W3C’s open platform, which makes it possible to run different types of content on a variety of platforms and enables interoperability. Explaining, he said that one day, “the kind of coding you see in e-books may also be used in cars, on screens of all kinds,” through these types of platforms. Going further, Berners-Lee suggested that “print books will be here forever,” but with Web technology, “people will be able to take them everywhere.”

Advancing publishing technologies

Following his keynote speech, Berners-Lee and IDPF Executive Director Bill McCoy made a momentous announcement. According to Digital Book World, an industry portal, the two organisations are now exploring ways to combine forces in order to advance publishing technologies at a more rapid pace. W3C and IDPF hope to complete their combination plans by January 2017.

Speaking out, Berners-Lee said: “We share an exciting vision for W3C and IDPF to fully align the publishing industry and core Web technology… This will create a rich media environment for digital publishing that opens up new possibilities for readers, authors, and publishers.”

Working together

Throughout the past three years, IDPF and W3C members have come together to explore how the technologies and experiences of the publishing industry can enhance the Web. These efforts were designed to determine how technologies can facilitate greater opportunities for the international publishing sector in the future. Commenting further, IDPF President George Kerscher said:

“I’m enthusiastic about the prospect of joining forces with W3C. The IDPF’s track record of success in developing EPUB standards for the publishing industry will be complemented by W3C’s expertise in Web standards that enable accessible rich media.” W3C and the IPF will consult their members before drafting a Memorandum of Understanding to outline how they will work together going forwards.

By joining forces, W3C and IDPF could potentially revolutionise the global digital book sector. W3C is an international thought leader in content creation and engagement. The IDPF has facilitated the rise of an international EPUB sector. Combining their experiences, the two organisations may deliver solutions which enhance the digital reading experience for future generations.

Higher Ways Publishing

Higher Ways Publishing was established in 2003 by Hayim Oshky and Mike Walden, it helps authors and publishers transform brilliant ideas into commercial success. Headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel and California, they are a market leader in digital and hard-cover publishing for the health, fitness and relationship industries. Higher Ways Publishing have assisted many authors in expanding their online presence in the growing digital marketing world.

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